Piteå x 2

2018-07-17 11:05

2018-07-14 SvKTR dogshow Judge Cindy Pettersson

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ R-CAC

"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E1 CQ CAC


2018-07-15 IDS Piteå Judge Phil Thompson

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 

"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E1 CQ





Pictures by Victoria Westin Ericsson

Hip Results

2018-07-09 09:43

I nearly forgott, last week we was lucky enough to get back some hip results on Greta (Tibicinan Tanta Roba) and Isac (Flashline's Gulliver), both has A/A!

Thank you Eva Marklund for checking up on Isac 

IDS Oulu

2018-07-09 09:15


Judge Saija Juutilainen FI

Only 18 months old "Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 3 best male Finnish CAC

18 month


NDS Gällivare kennel club show

2018-07-02 18:16


Judge for the day was Johan Andersson

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ BOB-Junior 2 Best male with Reserv CAC and Reserv Nordic CAC

"Diva" SE uch Fi uch Arcturus Magic Wish E2 CQ 4th Best female

kritik Junior

What the judge was thinking of him: Male with nice prop, nice head, good neck, well angulated, excellent body for the age good bonestructions, well carried tail, moves with long stride. Big coat with comming correct structure, nice temprament, well presented

Vännäs Kennel club show

2018-06-16 23:04

Greta Vännäs 2018

Judge Eva Nielsen, SE

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1

"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E1 CQ 1 BB with CAC and BOS again, only 13 months old! Second show, second time as BOS. 


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