Why should I buy a purebreed puppy?

Advantages with a purebreed

Our kennel club (SKK) recomend to buy a dog that's is registered in a kennel club.

One of the advantages with that is you know that the breeding has followed rules and regaltions. Breeders within SKK get regular visits from represants from the kennel club to check that everything is in order. If they find something wrong they report it to SKK, and if needed to Swedens 
county administrative officers of animal welfare.

Knowledge of the parents

In order to prevent the spread of diseases, many clubs have imposed requirements for veterinary surveys to be registered centrally. The surveys must be done before mating. SKK breeders therefore have access to a wealth of information about both the dogs they breed and breed. This allows breeders to choose dogs that will give puppies that are as appealingly appealing, functional and healthy as possible. In mixed puppys, in most cases, you have no idea what to cross, except that the two individuals are nice. Sometimes you have not even bothered to check that up, but the puppy litter is the result of a random mating.

You know what you get

Another big advantage of breed dogs is that you have a greater chance of having a dog with the qualities you want. Dog breeds registered in kennel clubs for a long time are very homogeneous (similar to breed) because they are not crossed with dogs from other breeds. This means that you as a puppy buyer can expect that your puppy has the characteristics described as typical of the breed. Then, of course, there are always individual differences despite the homogeneous of the breed.

Not more expensive in the long run

A common argument for buying a mixed breed puppy is that it is cheaper. In view of the costs of a SKK breeders in the field of pedigree, qualifying for exhibitions and examinations, compulsory veterinary examinations, etc., it may not be strange that a SKK-registered breed dog may be a couple of thousand more expensive in purchasing. But keep in mind that the purchase price is only a small part of the cost during the dog's lifetime.

Mixed races are neither healthier nor sicker

Many times the argument is that mixed breeds are healthier than breed dogs, but there is no scientific evidence for it. What is clear, however, is that because much of the mixed breed is done without the control of parental animals, it is more difficult to predict the risk that the puppies may suffer from various diseases.

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