2018-08-19 20:53

SKC show at Överkalix Judge Lyudmila Tchistiakova (Russia)

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 2 best male CAC
"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E2 CQ 3 best female

Junior Greta

2018-08-05 Fauske

2018-08-07 19:40

IDS Fauske, Norway Judge Uschi Eisner

"Diva" Swe Fi ch Arcturus Magic Wish E2 CQ 2 best bitch with CAC and reserv Cacib, so now she is No Ch and NORD Uch

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 2 best male with reserv cac and reserv cacib

Diva norsk ch

Diva on the picture

Piteå x 2

2018-07-17 11:05

2018-07-14 SvKTR dogshow Judge Cindy Pettersson

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ R-CAC

"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E1 CQ CAC


2018-07-15 IDS Piteå Judge Phil Thompson

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 

"Greta" Tibicinan Tanta Roba E1 CQ





Pictures by Victoria Westin Ericsson

Hip Results

2018-07-09 09:43

I nearly forgott, last week we was lucky enough to get back some hip results on Greta (Tibicinan Tanta Roba) and Isac (Flashline's Gulliver), both has A/A!

Thank you Eva Marklund for checking up on Isac 

IDS Oulu

2018-07-09 09:15


Judge Saija Juutilainen FI

Only 18 months old "Junior" Flashline's Geronimo E1 CQ 3 best male Finnish CAC

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