Match show

2018-05-12 16:02

HUFF kritik

"Junior" Flashline's Geronimo was at a local match show 2018-05-10. He was BOB and ended up as BIG 3.

"16 month male of excellent type on the smaller side, beautiful head, dark nice eyes, well placed ears, beautiful neck and topline with good tailset. well placed shoulder, enough angulation around. Moves nice from every angel. A lot and beautiful coat. Very nice temprament"

Judge was Maria Nyström


2018-04-28 21:53

I've been searching around for more pictures on all of our dogs, so if you go in their personal page, you will find a lot more  


2018-04-24 06:21

Finally, the new homepage is up and running, still not everything that's done, but work in progress!

New homepage

2018-04-20 09:59

Finally I am starting to work on a new and updated homepage for Flashline's



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