Eye results!

2019-10-01 12:04

Junior (Flashline's Geronimo) and Prima (Flashline's Eyecatcher) went and had their eyes checked up, all clear.


2019-09-24 16:25

Flashline's Eyecatcher got her DNA results back, she is clear from PLL, NCL, RCD4 and PRA3

Piteå international Dogshow

2019-07-18 18:29

skorpan1 Tiramisu Dlya Muppet Shou, was on her first official show(2019.07.14), she won Juniorclass with Excellent, with the words from the judge, mr Hans Almgren, all she needs is time to get more body


2019-07-02 09:29

Been a while since I wrote here. Skorpan, the frenchie was to a small dogshow, (matchshow) She became BIS 1 adult. 

I've updated our puppypages, we'r still waiting for Diva to come into heat. 

Want to thank Magdalena to do the checkups, Flashline's Ecco's Viking "King" have clear Eyes

We present our litter

2019-03-19 19:47

See the puppypage to see our two new prince's!


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